Hai re duniya!

People have fought over girls for the most part of human civilizations and may be even before there was any! But still my life seems to be going the other way. There are girls, there are pretty ones indeed, still I am in a MESS! Can’t decide what to do, can’t decide what I want! Strangely, life still goes on smooth and to add to the list of surprises, new ones keep coming. Am I being a SHOW-OFF, am I being a NUT-HEAD, dunno! Am yet to realize. If someone can suggest…I would welcome it but then again, I hardly buy what people have to say :p

Sorry folks!


2 thoughts on “Bar-B-Qed!!!

  1. Ki re dost tor kono kam kaj nai!!!Sharadin boshe egulo koro.Ekhon etu boi ke jano ,nijeke toh anek janla.Anyway “Nijeke jene” r ki hobe!! Tui toh shob niye geliii.Tor kache toh shob ache…….Others dont try to dig the meaning-Meher!n


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