Mobile Misery

Ever since I learnt about PAGING facilities being available in Bangladesh, I was dying to get my hands on to one of those. Nevertheless, the dream never came true, because it was too expensive for my parents to sustain as well as I didn’t need it apart from just trying to get an edge over others. In fact I had to wait a long time before I actually got my hands on a MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICE. In 2000, I got admitted into college with flying colors after my (surprisingly) wonderful result in SSC exams. Well just as others getting into college, your demands start to go up and so it did indeed.Luckily, the pioneer mobile service provider in Bangladesh, CityCell started offering a pretty convenient and appealing offer right at that moment. The need was there, only thing left was the PERFECT OFFER, and at BDT 13,499, CityCell’s “Shabar Phone” package was the perfect. I ended up getting a connection from the so-called highest charging operator in Bangladesh. The set which was a Samsung SCH 411 definitely wasn’t the best looking, but it did serve the purpose well. With the new phone, I also started having a growing inquisitiveness in the telecom sector. Getting to know the history, current players, what the future of the business is and what not!But things were about to turn. CityCell, being the country’s pioneer in this sector since 1993 was always basing on its selective market niche and was happy with the money they had earned solely from 1993 to 1996. It was a sad story, as with CDMA there were immense opportunities for better service and yet they were reluctant on it. Me, as stubborn as I am in life, stayed with the brand amidst immense opposition and humongous billing from the operators. In fact in one single calendar year I went above BDT 30,000 in monthly bills. This HAD to END!!!


One thought on “Mobile Misery

  1. Hi Sabih Bhaia..:)Citycell……Hihihi…I think its better to be in Grameen Family….quality is important right…hehehe.just kidding never mind…:) Nice attempt…Nice blog…:) keep it up…take care….bye bye..:)


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