What did you need lately?

One need that I have felt recently is the need to rediscover myself. Walking along the path of life, there has been many instances I have felt up and down in terms of emotions, support and affiliations; however this is one of a kind of necessity. I have enjoyed life as it is for quite sometime now and my nature is very similar to taking everyday as it comes. But the smooth rhythmic flow a very balanced lifestyle was under a lot of stress in past few months which resulted in a deviation from my own goals. This caused an even greater problem, as life soon started seeming meaningless and frustration was taking over. In fact the changes were so adverse they started affecting all quarters of my life ranging from family to friends, studies to sleep. My all set happy-go-lucky life was all of a sudden up against the wall, with no seeming way out of it.

And that’s when the acute and pressing arousal to rediscover my old self came into being. Not only it was a creation of by mind’s defense mechanism so was it of my environment around. It was imminent that things had to change to accommodate a healthy and normal living for me once again inside the boundaries of my regular life. And changes had to be made. Once a rhythm is broken it can’t be patched together but one new song can definitely be sung. So was my case as well, the need to survive took over my emotions and thus rediscovering myself was a top priority once again.

The need lasted for quite sometime indeed. Stretching a period of over three months, it took me long to realize what was the thing I needed to do make things back to normal again. Problem identification and then approach to the problem posed great challenges. As frustration was taking over thinking it will never be the same again, the innate need to be happy as I was took over and I started realizing the prospect of finding myself back again.

Unquestionably there were a lot of positive motives behind it. For a person to get back to his own well-being is probably the most important thing one can ask for. For me it was even more important as it also posed a challenge ahead of me to prove my frustrated subconscious mind wrong, move ahead and be the champion once more. This indeed was a great self-achievement and today it boasts new confidence and audacity to take up any new challenges in my life ahead.


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