Unreal Reality

Nah! I guess I ain’t writing a review for the popular pc game unreal tournament or even anything close to that. was sitting idle with apparently nothing to do, so I thought of putting down my latest thoughts to paper, or more precisely blogging my mind :)… it’s rather interesting for a person like me to come to a position like this, some1 who always found blogging and bloggers likewise to be people with too much time to spare or those who are just not expressive enough in the real world. but standing here now and looking back at all dose people I laughed about, gives me a stark difference in understanding… I definitely was, WRONG!

Ever since I had given up on reading since my high school days, I always thought I shifted to a better medium, the world-wide web. but sigh! it was never meant to be, almost 6 years down the line, a graduate with a high-flying career curve, I regret for all those years of missing out on reading the treasures of literature… or should I say, my leisure hours checking fake impostors on hi5 instead of reading about more real emotions in the pages of a novel.

But well I was back among books, and in the strangest of all consequences… for a girl :p well sounds childish (which I am) and too romantic (which I am not)…but yeah dat was the case for me… after all dese years of hating the “BOOK”, I’m back among them and enjoying each one I am reading. yes I can’t make enough time to read over novels after novels in weeks time, but at least, i enjoy flipping thought the pages or testing my ever-growing imagination by actually visualizing the writer’s viewpoint.

Achha I know it’s not an interesting blog…but these are trials for a big enough write-up :p and I miss that girl in my life. my aspiration, my dreams, my hope….


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