Run, its 5.30… run!!!

9’o clock…and here I am humming across the empty streets of Tejgaon getting done with my upcoming TV commercial scripts. Well I am sure there are multiple elements of surprise in it, how come a part of Dhaka city be empty at 9 (well at least I never find it empty at 9 in the night on a weekend, when I have all the time in the world) and the fact that how come Sabih from the best practiced time scheduled agency (aka O&M Bangladesh) manage to stay up so late in office. As for the answers, well… continue to read on!
I am at the semi-heaven of all possible work environments. Ask me why and I have a hundred if not a million reasons to mention – I am avidly into advertising, the career I enjoy and cherish; none works past 6 here (achha that’s a little too exaggerated, lets say for the sake of good reputation 6.30) and on top of that… none actually works up to even 60% of his/her potentials… of course just like everything else in the world (especially economic factors) there are several outliers who bring down the average to beyond 7pm at times (such as, me or the others who are still at office today)… but in most cases, its 6 to 6.30.

May be it sounds outrageous or even mythical knowing an advertising agency that shuts its doors (mostly) down by 6.30 in a demanding industry like Bangladesh…but its not only the work environment/management to be blamed.

We, the wonderful nationals of Bangladesh, seem to inherit a quality generation after generation, procrastination and lethargy…this coupled with the ever opportunist nature, makes the perfect recipe for a fleeing workforce. Fleeing cause its an unrivalled sight that I get to experience everyday in the aforesaid hours, a rush of blood, a desperate cry to get home… a sad picture of inefficiency and ‘faakibazi’. For the record, I, myself ain’t a saint either… may be I try to put a more industrious face by staying up a few minutes (yes, minutes) more… but the end, a car can’t run on its own… a set of wheels needs a litre of fuel as well.

The reason behind this sarcasm filled, skeptic and surprising writing from me is because I believe in the world where more people lose jobs everyday than the amount of taka we make in a month, nothing is for certain… and we don’t work under the Japanese style of management either. May be for the precious kinds I speak of, take life to be a walk in the park, but I wouldn’t want them to forget… the principle lesson every mother in Bangladesh teaches her son/daughter before going for the walk in the park for the first time… beware of muggers… a false step, an unnoticing mind, a single in a jungle can always prove to be fatal in many more ways. In these world of fierce competition, where every bread is fought over… I urge my mates, people I care for… to step up to the challenges… work, earn your living! For god’s sake… we aren’t an NGO (ring a bell?&*&@#?)


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