An unlikely DISCOVERY!

It was just another usual day at office – regular work, daily errands and of course picking on people. But something was unusual about the day, which kept me guessing all day long. What could it be? What have I missed out on? Well of course, there were many unique things to start the day with… no picking on munir or no morning smoke with Saif bhai… et al. but deep inside, I knew something was cooking and I just couldn’t figure out what it was… until right before I was leaving office this evening.

Just as any other days after 6 discussions, (after 6 discussions are usually PG rated) we got into a healthy discussion about how great it would have been if we all were girls… for example, just like the common bias… raise a family, no work, feed on husband’s earnings and merry with the in-laws, so on and so forth. Seemingly a harmless discussion soon swapped its skin like a snake does in winter when it started going in all the wrong directions one could think of. Well obviously as a post-teen adult male (I still feel a teen though) I am not by any means referring to anything elusive but rather harsh realities of life! Wonder what could that be?@?  I was once advised by my dad on how not-to eat food with the wrong hand, and much later in life I was reminded by my bosses on how not to make things too complicated… I remembered both instances yet paid no heed to them, as I once again started lurking in the wrong forest. The issue is, at least from a bird’s eye view… very simple… how lucky women are in Bangladesh!

Ask how? Then there is the explanation of how men are always expected to provide bread and butter for the family, how women are expected to work but in areas like teaching or running a hobby boutique. How men are expected to be a workingman yet keep up the family man spirit. How men need an MBA to be qualified for marriage yet women are accepted even as a mere high school grad (HSC/A level). Where men have to support their own family as well as his parents are sometimes even expected to contribute to that of his in-laws and women get away making all the money for her maintenance expenses (only). How men are alleged of cheating when being nice to a female colleague simply becomes a helpful brother in case of women. Such ironies… exist handsomely in and around our daily lives but the biggest irony is… the women in fact… have ruled this nation for almost as long as men have.

In a country where female head of state was among the first in the world, why should women get off not doing many a thing like men do (everyday)? Being a liberal 21st century educated human being, I do support equal rights and encourage female participation in the work environment, but shouldn’t the implementation of equal rights make men and women equal in balance. Will we ever get to see girls coming up to take the helm of a family while the men rest, or will it continue to be as it is – the social taboo of men heading the family. Its said that women are the more prone to discrimination, human rights violation and social injustice, and may be it is right and makes every sense to the “smart” world. But the way my twisted mind sees it, its utterly buttery (as Amul says it) simple… we, the men… are subject to reverse-discrimination, and that too… by women…


One thought on “An unlikely DISCOVERY!

  1. Can’t absolutely agree. Though some may think I’m a feminist, but the true story remains hidden and that the male dominated society in Bangladesh. Looking deep ,life of every single girl starts with budding hopes to stand on own feet but soon it ends up with tears dropping in nothing more than in kitchen sink. How? Ask how not! Girls get educated and wants to get into job, soon after graduation or b4 that, most of them end up in marriage, and with that, expectation frm family rise like anything.A lady has to maintain office pressure, compete with boys who have less tension abt what to cook for kids then females. Girls go back home and realizes her husband is jealous about her success. Again, the mollas and fotoyas continue. Sometimes women are biggest enemy of their species. Y can’t a divorced lady live her life happily? Y in most cases ppl talk behind her? Or why there is more number of touture, harrasment? Y ppl say of ‘special connections’ if she is successful?? If u want to ride on success, u hv to give time to office, work pressure might take it longer than office time, then y husbands complains in most cases?? With rising sexual harassments, hw can a girl continue to fight without any support from her family or office??? U might think, being a home maker is easier than office, think again. Shift tasks and the hardship are understood. Someone has to take care of home, if it’s not girls, be it boys then, but can Boys accept to stay at home and let their wife work ? Most Male Chauvinist on’t. Yet sm exceptions are there.ever since a girl hits teens she is being told ‘ do not play in fields-ur a girl, do not fight- u r a girl, do not do this, do not do that, all because – U R A GIRL !! hw ud girls learn to think or sence freedom if she had never been exposed to free side of life !!!!N.B: um speaking of a majority of girls, yet, there are ppl who prefers to seat back. Um speaking of male chauvinist, yet there are exceptions of helpful males in country. So it’s a general view , not pointing to any special group. Ipshita


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