Your Trademark Move

Yes, I know… just as usual, it reminds you all the traditional male machismo and pick-up moves every guy aspires to master all throughout his life. but as facts speak… it’s not always the girls that are picked up in this neoconservative society of ours, in fact ironic may it seem… girls are always better at the “pull strategy” (historically) yet pick-up is associated with guys. This leads to the question of what came first, “the chicken or the egg”??? Well obviously, if there weren’t any sort of pulling, there wouldn’t be any inclination towards pick-up either. Of course the ultra-active, ever-interested and insatiable nature of male hormones never ceases to give ample supply of “a rush of blood in their heads” in the right moments but it remains a great mystery what’s the case with the ever-alluring opposite sex?

What we call our pick-up moves, could easily be dubbed as losing it all together… since we never get to know what it was? We getting the girl or the girl letting us get to her. As always, it will give birth to a never ending debate where the smart-kinky women try to prove how they are the ones who let their guards fall to let the guys get close; it doesn’t always hold true. We, the men can’t possibly concede defeat after defeat knowing the urge of mating overpowers every possible logical sense at the right moment at the right time. Even we, as susceptible we may seem, do have our achievements to speak of as well. Not in all instances, is the guy favored upon, rather in many instances it’s the guy who gets the game going. I can surely say, all of you reading this in whatever insignificant ways have put your trademark moves in place at some point or the other. And if lady luck was on your side, may be you tricked the other party into the net more often than you couldn’t.

Just like all other, I can look back and remember many a move I made during my “good” years and getting away with a taste of success in more cases than I didn’t. I call upon all you out there, to look back in time and unearth that special move that makes you stand out in the crowd, the move that defines the person you are, the move that leaves that everlasting mark in her heart…

Share! Share and enlighten others… be it in anonymous mode, be it the brave fool like me who dares to write this piece… whatever you may be… you definitely have a story of your own, and I present to you a platform to share your “moments of glory” 🙂


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