The Resume of an Adman

Being in the profession of advertising for over 2 years now, there is one lesson (if any) i mastered with my whole heart – the art of selling (esp. thyself). questions apart on how I learnt it, the fundamental tool every working advertiser needs to make a worthy move in his career is his/her résumé. although in Bangladesh, there was always a great hue and cry about ‘how to write a cv” and blah! blah!… the use of specialized is rather uncommon and hardly practiced in general.

Me, being considerably tech-savvy and up-to-date with market happenings, never took upon the effort to make necessary amendments to my already working good-enough resume. but lately, as I have engaged myself into deep thoughts on the future of my career and choices I have made of my long-term goals, I thought to myself… it’s time to spare that extra effort in making a specialized advertiser’s resume.

So, there i was flipping through page after page in google, and god knows what other employment website looking for advertising resume samples. yes, i found a few good samples in those vaults, but as always even the world-wide web seems to think advertising has only 1 wing, that to creative & copywriting. being a staunch worker of account planning and management, my luck wasn’t smiling upon that favorably as i reached the peak of  patience (yes, i have a shortage of it according to patient few :p )…i came across this wonderful woman, a fellow strategic planner from american mid-west @ her blog advergirl. here she had wonderfully made-up a few advertising resumes as if jawed Habib had run his scissors across Fulbanu from Jhalkathi; i mean to say truly creative and marvelous outcomes. almost instantly, I remembered the words of Keya Apu, “steal with pride”; and there i was, not-bogged down by the fury of flu or the strains my weak back suffered from, busy re-doing my résumé as if the last date of submission for the million dollar job was midnight sharp.

As the saying goes, all is well that ends well… and so was the case for me, too (as per my judgement at least). 3 hours since I began the change work, after extensive cheats and mod with english words and ms word, there it was… my new retro resume. it was just not another résumé, it had the flavor of retro hip-hop along with the sweet enchanting melody of traditions… it was my favorite resume for a change (among all other I made for myself).

Writing no more, I present to you… the before & after effect the make-ups had in my résumé. right or wrong, I am none to judge… aesthetically the “after effect” was far superior and so was in terms of space utilization and efficient wording. rest of the criticism, I leave to the well-read ones 😉




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