Looking back in time, at least a decade or so… I remember seeing the purple/violet mark on my dad’s hand identifying him as a voter (casted already). being in my early teens, I always wondered how fun it would be to actually go stand in lines and decide for the nation’s future one day. At 13 I was just a little dumb or  overly optimistic, that I thought voting could actually change the course of a nation, my nation… Bangladesh. I grew up watching an ever-increasing sense of self-interest and  grass-root corruption becoming the “in” fashion. a society where politics was spit upon always managed to leave out the politicians of any blame game. everyone had issues, none with the solutions. everyone seemed to know what was the right thing to do, but none ever came forward. the knowledge to speak and be heard was so common is so many bright souls, yet they opted for a life is peace and harmony endangering the lives of a million others. life moved on, I grew up… learning lessons on moral, ethics and all such “rated banned content in today’s world at the best possible school I cud ever ask for (my home). however, my the time I struck 18 and was ready to vote… the train (parliamentary election) had left with the company and I was left all alone in the dark for the next one.

Obviously, the next one came… and came with a big-fat BANG! the then ruling government appointed this cool “Steve Austin” look-alike Mr. Aziz for running the greatest show on earth. well if not the greatest entertainment show, it was definitely a worthy “fool the nation” gimmick anyway. our beloved prince of the nation (mr. so-called int’l airport), had all his pawns hand-crafted and ready to roll… 70 crores of tax money down the drain, a voter list that I didn’t even get a chance to get enlisted on (like a million others reading it) and even more heat on the streets of raging Dhaka. although the “texas rattle snake” (the pet name for Steve Austin) left the post unharmed, unscathed and without any convictions (the new buzz word)… the time, money and effort… was all spent… well of course money was the only delicious dish among the three… but who cares anyway!

So, under total chaos and drum-rolls, the 1/11 happened… gladly none died… no plane went missing in radar (although a few months later the national airlines went off air :P)… no 5 star hotel was held hostage at gunpoint and to everyone’s surprise and against the very fundamentals of the “x/11” jargon, people were rather relieved. yes, the next 22 months flew past with pretty ease; aside from the sky-rocketing prices of essentials due to cartels or brain-dead military administration drastically failing at making worthy cases against the corrupts… the public seemed content (even being content is a tough bargain here).

And then of-course, the true color slowly started showing and shining up again… from the military administrations bribe-is-all-we-seek to the politicians election-we-want status, it was again back to the ‘drawing board’ for the newly found reformists (or lets say, old wine in new bottles). The worse of the worst got out in bail and a noble-old lawyer… turned out to be the talk of the nation in a matter of few days. in fact, I enjoyed his words… all the flaws in emergency rules and how he managed to get all who mattered out on bail at the right moment… made me think he saw a picture none of us did.

But sigh! the English… be how stupid they were in the later half of 18th century… used the phrase “all’s well that ends well”. and here I am, staring at my latest, wide screen-ready pictured, shiny, new voted ID and thinking of what I just saw in all the talk-show today. after all the hassle and haggle for all this months, so much blames and inhuman beatings; it’s all down to the basics of dirty politics…. hearing the noble-old mr. Rafiqul Haq sharing how “frustrated” he was at the nominations given out by the two major political parties (two parties whose leaders were freed on bail by the same man), I murmur… what was it that you were fighting for, to get them out in the free world… for what???

I know, as we all probably know by now, he got his calculations wrong… but let us at least waste our part of the decision-making in haste as well. Please VOTE! cause even if you didn’t have the right answer to the MCQ of voting, there is… for a change an answer that says “NONE OF THE ABOVE” 🙂


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