Metal Maze

Go Nuts was the conference, March 14, 2009 was the date…
In the very first convention of O&M Bangladesh taking place at the picturesque Nazimgarh Resorts, I happened to be a part of the “Winning a metal” work group during the day-long sessions. Metal, as it is commonly defined in the creative/advertising industry is nothing but what commoners call Awards. I guess to keep the creativity buzzing all around, we always refer to landing an advertising award as “winning a metal” (aside from the very obvious chemical compound of the trophy). Little did I know of the part I would be playing in winning an actual metal for the first time in O&M Bangladesh’s history.

Recalling back to that very day, I had a profound disinterest in attending sessions on a fun-filled convention that had started on the right note… but with no luck on that, here I was formulating strategies to bring home the glory. Many ad legends said over time and again, advertising is not science… but trust me when I say it, it’s nothing much less either. Sitting on the drawing board, it was ever so easy to imagine myself standing in the podium of the much-coveted Cannes center-stage and making a “thank you” speech (I only wish…). But as it stood back then, an agency of 60 years heritage and 2 years of local operation, Ogilvy in Bangladesh neither had the firepower (right minded clients) nor the flamboyance (a project where creative prowess could be showcased) to win a coveted metal.

Ogilvy Bangladesh Convention 2009: Go Nuts

Commward 2010 is the festival, August 7, 2010 is the date…As I and the group-mates went up the stage to suggest our “strategy to greatness”, there was only one word humming in my mind “effectiveness”. It’s ever so easy to think up something genuinely creative now and then, but its exactly the opposite when it comes to implement it. And considering the Bangladesh market, getting a client convinced on a “jaara hatke” idea is perhaps as tough as having no load-shedding all day. Thus, the solution was rather straight forward, go for results i.e. effectiveness. It is much harder to get an “idea to work as magic” for the client, but equally more appreciated and was within our limited grasp. With a venue-full of comrades staring on, I completed my “pros and cons” speech on how we could make it to the headlines with the help of “effective creativity” (as if none ever said so before).

Luckily, Ogilvy hasn’t been to its 2nd convention yet and the promises made at Go Nuts haven’t been left unfulfilled either. Exactly 17 months on, Air Action by Mentos Launch campaign had managed to be  nominated for the “Most Effective Launch/Relaunch Campaign”. But still, as luck would have, a venerable competition lied infront from the likes of Grey/Grameenphone (V100 handset launch), Grey/Akij Foods (Speed energy drink launch) and Adcomm/Unilever (Wheel Power White launch), all of which were market leaders in their own playgrounds. Excitement and hopes dipped a bit, but the belief was indomitable… I could smell a sweet victory, one way or the other. And once again, probably for the hundredth time in life my instincts didn’t fail me since for its Air Action by Mentos Launch Campaign, Ogilvy & Mather Bangladesh won the prestigious Most Effective Launch/Relaunch Campaign category. With a 200% growth in market share and a 60% increase in the segment size – courtesy of this innovative yet simple campaign, Air Action by Mentos is today the no. 1 mind candy in Bangladesh.

The Men with their Metal
The KILLER case

It feels great to have high expectations, and it feels better in achieving it. But once you get there, there is no coming back!!! All I look forward to now is the habit of winning… more and more, better and better metals to have the periodic table full…


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