The Suit

In my experience, there is not a single role in an agency a suit (Servicing to others) cannot or (more appropriately) doesn’t fill in for; a jack of all trades; a one-man agency. But of course there are a few must have’s along with other good to have’s.
Below are my top 5:

  1. Passion for advertising is the fuel for careers in our industry. The very moment it runs dry, its time to bid goodbye. Neither is it completely irrational, nor very logical… for it is the best of both worlds and one needs to feel for it to be in it at all times.
  2. While passion drives us forward, it’s the ownership of our work that keeps it steady. Good is never the answer, its always got to be great.
  3. However, it’s not possible to own your work completely without having an eye for detail. There is simply no scope to overlook the obvious (down to the tiniest detail).
  4. Since it’s advertising, there is never an absolute right or wrong. In the shades of gray we operate in, we should always trust our instincts. Many a times, what doesn’t feel right just isn’t right!
  5. And finally to be one heck of a suit, we need to love our clients. We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the opportunities they entrust us with, likewise they wouldn’t be as great they are without our undying love and respect for their business.

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