A Tale of Two Videos

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

If the above statement held true for all my colleagues at Ogilvy, I surely wouldn’t be writing this post 🙂 Working in advertising comes with “a different touch”, best described by the Hindi term “thoda haatke”. We work absurdly long hours for not the most promising end of month paycheck, we showoff with brands that actually gets our salaries and at the end, we are eternally dissatisfied with others (esp. competitors)!!!

In the league of such eccentric people, I am no angel either. If anything, my eccentricity and complacency gets the better of me in most cases for good or bad. Just the way a rather sane me tried to jump on board the Cannes Canoe (taking part in the Cannes Lions) almost a similar opportunity came knocking on the door for my creative buddies, but for a bigger audience at work.

This year being the 100th birth anniversary of “Father of Modern Advertising”, David Ogilvy… the company he founded is planning to hold special centennial celebrations in his honor. And what better place to honor a legend than at the legendary Cannes Lions Festival itself. To promote the pride in being with Ogilvy, competitions were across different disciplines to excite and entice Ogilvians around the world for an all-expense-paid trip to Cannes Lions 2011. Previously I had mentioned how I was lucky to be considered for a ticket to Cannes through the “Young Suit of the Year” competition. Although I made it to the Top 10, I missed the final cut (Top 5) by a whisker!!! The other competition launched was the more open to all “Create or Else“; where the creative types were invited to share ideas and work that inspires in a video. The video had to be an all original content (concept, music, photography, filming etc.), between 2 to 4 minutes long and had to be a team of two. The ten most viewed video owners will be reviewed and one lucky team gets to take part in Cannes Lions. The following were the submissions from my beloved Bangladesh:

First up was the all “art” combination of Razib and Sakib. The fine arts duo capitalized on the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden as they published, B+S (oBama and oSama). Unfortunately the video was removed from youtube for having sensitive content.

The copy department soon followed suit as Mehedi teamed up with our in-house animator Nafis to create Bring back the green

With the rumor mill of a few more upcoming still buzzing, and I assure you of putting them up as well. For now, enjoy the works of the fabulous four and spread the word around!!! Who knows, may be one day your time will come as well…

New drama unfolds, as the B+S (osama and obama) has been removed from YouTube as per direction of the competition committee citing political sensitivity and company policy. However there is good news in the form of a third entrant. Here comes Positive or Negative? by Imran and Russell…A

Surprise, surprise… Razib and Sakib strike back after the untimely end of their first video with a rather artsy and eccentric submission, AWARD!!!


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