Reminiscing through Wristwatches

Coincidences are perhaps meant to be strange. Leaves you wondering “how on earth?” and et al!

And considering how eccentric my life has turned out to be, I take pride in enjoying many such events from the very earliest days of my life. For a start, both my grandfathers (paternal and maternal) owned the exact same wrist watch till the time God called them back home. I don’t know for how long they had it, but just for record… I got to spend a good 6 years with the paternal and 16 with the maternal one. I mean back in 80’s there weren’t probably too many options to choose from in Bangladesh (or were there? help me out here), Plus given the fact one lived and worked in Dhaka and the other in distant Feni (that too in a remote village); the likelihood of them owning the same brand, same model, same styled and almost similar colored wristwatches didn’t seem rather unusual up until very recently. Both my granddad were proud owners of one of most widely owned, collected and a one-time revolutionary product called Seiko 5

The 5 stands for five essential features of the watch, namely shock resistant, water-resistant, automatic, and day and date display. A hardworking everyday wear timepiece, the Seiko 5s stood the test of time well after the demise of their respective owners. I can’t exactly recall the dial colors on them… but customary to the line, they both had stainless steel bracelets and twenty-one jewels.

I can still clearly recall how they used to make a point to ensure their mechanical timepieces stored enough juice last the night before heading off to bed themselves. Th watches were chunky and unimpressed the Casio digital loving me every time without a fail. Time however, did the trick slowly and surely… As I grew older, digitals were slowly replaced by analog quartz. Casio had become too immature and school-boyish and only cheap Q&Qs befitted my new world. Sports to casual to dress… the use and style of watch design was also taking a hit. I was soon discovering a soft corner for having a few options, every time I was putting on a watch. The seeds of horology were sown in deep and yet I had no clue of it!

Clockwise: Citizen BK0830-57E, Titan Fasttrack Army Collection 3008TL01, Casio SFX-10, Titan Octane 9243SP03 and Swatch Irony YCB4008AG.
Clockwise: Citizen BK0830-57E, Titan Fasttrack Army Collection 3008TL01, Casio SFX-10, Titan Octane 9243SP03 and Swatch Irony YCB4008AG.

A handful of Titans and Fasttracks later, I started looking East (now I could afford to). A Citizen Quartz was a welcome addition to my growing collection of easily dead watches (o yes, Titans die on you faster than your pet rabbit). The Citizen was to join hands with my long-loved Casio Digital which I had picked up from a random store in Rajshahi New Market back in ’96.

The Citizen was trendy and coupled with its sleek stainless steel bracelet, could double-time as a dress cum casual watch anytime. The black dial on silver with hints of red at the centre was quite a stunner.

The inflow of Made in India Titans continued, as in a few years I had racked up 4 (with one dead)… 1 Octane, 3 Fasttracks to be precise (1  died over time).

Titan Fastrack 1389SL01
Titan Fastrack 1389SL01

But it was a small epiphany standing in front of a watch store in KL that got me thinking (after buying a Swatch Irony), its time to relive  the chunky winding days of my childhood, it was time for me to get a Seiko 5. And man haven’t I enjoyed owning this ever since…

My first 5, Seiko 5 SNK613K
My first 5, Seiko 5 SNK613K

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