Am I losing it?

I had a few hundred dollars remaining in my credit card with no immediate plans of spending…
And somehow I managed to land myself at the Men’s Watches section in Amazon. And after Intense research and bargain hunting… seven(yes you read it right, 7) watches and a zero balance was all that remained!!!

That was back in 1st week of August 2011. Ever since I have properly read up on horology, bid for antique movements in eBay and awaited the delivery of the following few~

Without further adieu let me present to you my Ramadan 2011 collection…

The first addition was the second Seiko 5 for my collection, a military watch… a mechanical movement! A venerable Seiko 5 (model no. SNK809) with black straps and a flieger dial.


I have been wanting a proper dress watch for sometime now. You know, the ones with leather straps and a clean and clear dial (timelessly elegant). I got a very good deal with Obaku and didn’t wait a second to pick up the following,


The other 5 had the following split,

a Ben Sherman R773 for my Dad,

a Skagen (can’t recall the model no.) for my Mom, that got stolen off the luggage 😦

a Pulsar PXH035 and a Timex T20041 for my Brother

and finally another Ben Sherman (this time a R7865) for my soon to be married cousin!

The items mentioned in this blog wouldn’t have been here without the kind support of my dear friend KB and even dearer AA, who carried it halfway across the world for me!!! Thank you once again 🙂


2 thoughts on “Am I losing it?

  1. I was looking for a watch and landed on your blog. Where and how much for do you get Seiko SNK809K2. I need it it badly. Just cant seem to find anywhere in Mumbai.


    1. Its some piece, isn’t it? I bought it off Amazon UK actually. Cost me around 200 USD (taxes, shipping all inclusive). Later I found out this site, cheaper and worldwide delivery is available. For now, you gotta manage with that 🙂
      Thanks for following my blog.


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