Inflation of MBAs

I am just a BBA graduate. With an unmentionable CGPA.

Just had to state the facts before I get into fiction mode…

Flipping through the weekend newspapers (The Daily Star, Banik Barta and Shomokal for the record), my lazy sleepy eyes roamed across the pages looking for something different, a not so news material. I tend to forget at times, the dramatization that exists in our news presentation in general and how we usually have to downplay the actual publication to get a closer estimate of whats actual.

Thanks to loyalty, stupidity or being a 3rd generation service holder… I’ve been sticking around the same job for a little over last four years. Which in turn makes me not too keen on the job circulars or employment notices in the dailies, let alone However, today was different… I was plain bored and couldn’t find anything better than to check out whats in offer in the markets!!!! Who knew, I was in for a ride…

Unlike most of my fellow mates out of college, I decided to hang up my boots after BBA thinking if I was to get back to the academic track once again, it surely had to be a more worthwhile experience. Almost five years went by ever since, and I remained as uneducated as I was back in convocation. But my smart alec classmates didn’t waste a dime beating around the bush. They jumped right in…. some into the same-old MBA at NSU and a great number to the other greener pastures in UK and Australia (mostly).

Growing up, my dad always used to say A tree is known by its fruit… something that I has helped me boost my confidence in the real world. People with god-gifted talent and natural potentials are in plenty. At least I have been blessed with the opportunity to know a lot of them. But it hurts to see how we continually thrive to make efforts to be in-line with the crowd, be a part of the masses… buy degrees after degrees!!!

There is no alternate to good education. For all I know, I read half stuff for about 50% of my natural productive hours everyday. But when it comes to academics, I have over the years grown a strong distaste towards the memorize and reproduce form of education (the only means available in Bangladesh). Good education made better human beings by making them more enlightened, knowledgeable and perhaps (most importantly) more depth! But that’s just too hard to find…

In today’s world where anything from a Sales Executive at a Pharmaceuticals to a Business Development Manager in a Telco come with the same requirement… an MBA, I am left dumbfounded.

MBA as I’ve come to know through years of schooling and work, is a jack of all degree aimed at people who make decisions, give strategic directions and most importantly are business leads of some sort. What a Insurance Sales Agent or a Pharmaceutical Sales guy gets out of it is clearly beyond my understanding.

Moreover in a country where we face tough time in getting 40% of the population to even sign their names properly (in mother tongue), every starting job comes with a postgraduate degree requirement! How this phenomena results in poor education system and poorer students coming out of it has been argued over and over again by educated (properly) intellects many a times!!!

Irony is… we complain but we never fail to comply either 😦


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