The Unbecoming

A month into buying the modern advertising bible Ogilvy on Advertising, I got myself a casual chit-chat session with the Head of Ogilvy Bangladesh. I don’t recall how long it went on or whether I really wanted a job in Ogilvy back then (not even formally launched). I don’t even think I made much of an impression either.

But just like the way its been for thousands before me, I ended up signing the red-letter and happily went home. I have been criticized time and again for a relentless and somewhat non-linear ambitions in life and more so regarding career. Strangely joining the firm back then made sense even as I took a pay cut and were to start at the bottom of the pyramid.

Later in life I shared this pyramid theory (with great success) with a few colleagues. It was nothing but the simple truth of being a big fish in a small pond vs. the small one in a big pond. Once in an interview I was asked this no-brainer, only to reply a small fish in a big pond gets to be the big fish someday as well. Obviously I didn’t get that job.

In my first “get to know” session I had rather foolishly said I wish to join your great firm to make it large (unlike McDowell’s) one day. Large was only an adjective that had no meaning, clarity or precision in the minds of a 23-year-old fresher. It sounded cool. It sounded ambitious. And I had to say it.

Its only much later I came across the term “what not to speak”!

Back in 2007 sitting in the boardroom in Ogilvy, I had envisioned a career in across countries. Writing my blog in 2012 I am partly in one at least. The obsession with Piyush Pandey, the cult following of Vodafone ZooZoo (and its creator Rajiv Rao) and most importantly the dream of experiencing Ogilvy India (arguably the most famous agency in whole of South Asia)… all came to be TRUE!!!

But the One above had other plans, I guess. Finishing off my stint here in Ogilvy Delhi, I only realize dreams are there only to dream bigger and better next time. Nothing seems perfect, yet we settle for imperfections as a constituent of everyday life.

The becoming of greatness only turned out to be the unbecoming of a Bong in the city of djinns. 


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