Guerrilla Attack

Guerilla Artist (গেরিলা) is not quite the nickname you get yourself on facebook unless there’s very good reason for it. I mean there are a good one billion facebook users and god knows how many of them are fake. Since the usual spammers have questionable intent, this ambiguous friend request  had me scratching my head.

But the perennial intrigue of what’s that? was again in play. Thankfully I didn’t just accept the friend request blindly. I had randomly come across these wall paintings or murals (চিকা in Bangla) in and around North Gulshan having a guerrilla signature. Many considered them rich kids dirty play, to others it made no sense. But it stuck in my mind and as soon I saw those murals in this mystery profile, I was excited to finally meet their creator, the SPAMMER with a reason.

We never had a chance to interact one-to-one, not even on facebook. But I kept a close watch on this underground artist, probably the first of his kind in town. How he used facebook to promote his creations under the Guerilla Artist alias or I Heart Bangladesh cause, was really praiseworthy. Ever since the আমরা Bangladesh movement by the now-defunct Project Bangladesh (and its magnificent wristbands that I still wear), I have longed to find a local movement of such sort and failed miserably. One small initiative that caught my attention was Amar Desh Amar Potaka, but it still was well short of becoming a youth movement. Guerilla however, is showing more promise and intelligence than others…

Given the fact he (I assume its a “He”, since a “She” can’t possibly be drawing graffiti at midnight) is an anonymous artist with good photography sense, his medium of communication has been more effective and permanent in nature than others. The wall murals, the message, the facebook page and most importantly the Guerilla mark has really helped in making him a voice of of the unheard.

The Guerilla care-package

And today as I open the envelope full of goodies sent forth by him, I hope more will follow his suit and let their creative expressions go free. At least I wish I could do more to make use of my humble capabilities.

Remembering those unforgettable words by General Patton, “Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.” all I have to say is Good luck, গেরিলা!!


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