Chronicles of My Wedding Card

After three decades of “single” serendipity, it was time.
Time of my life is an expression some have used, just as much as letting life catch up with you at the end.
The reader can be a judge of my state of mind!

A wedding is an equation that is not complete without an invitation. I mean we all make a mess of our lives going over the wedding ring, dress of the bride or venue of the event. But the experience of being at someone’s wedding begins with the invitation. With a wedding card first impression is always the last impression, and there is little margin for error in it.

Not that we don’t realize it, but it seems we are never thinking out of the box about it. At least not enough to me. And nothing in comparison to the expenses made in other experiential parts of a wedding.

Having a love/hate career in the creative industry has helped forming a circle of crazy loonies who fancied anything that wasn’t ordinary, and I was in no way different. I was inspired to come up with something  interactive and innovative that’ll give a lot of intrinsic pride.

There were multiple hurdles to conquer though. Just the way life is not a bed of roses, so isn’t the pursuit of making a wedding card that was different (creative or not is an individual call).

Firstly I had to convince my loving parents.

Both of them have displayed tremendous support and allegiance to most of the major decisions in my life. I must admit (unashamedly) its only because of them I turned out to be so different from them in so many ways. The freedom of thought I practiced and the they way they understood my sentiments, led me to a path where both of them would dread to tread. Being the eldest offspring, its customary to have their hopes of a dream wedding resting with mine. There was no chance for a disagreement!

Next was the orientation to design.

Adman of some repute or typography fan of some sort, whichever angle you took; I had a better than average understanding of design. Be it my long-lost fascination for structural design (Dieter Rams to Johny Ive) or just sheer admiration of architects (Oscar Niemeyer, Geoffrey Bawa or our very own Fazlur Khan), I have been an ardent fan of the grid. Lately this flower has bloomed faster than ever, thanks to a few new-found friends and reading about ripcord ideas.

Colors for example, carry such varied meanings across the spheres of influence. While the shades of grey (black & white) are common in the West, its kaleidoscope here. Red, green and golden are staple with purple, pink and blue inducing contemporary fusion.

On the flip side we all want something that carries a never-seen-before novelty, yet never ready to compromise on their much-hyped traditions (ones that change faster than themselves). When tradition comes knocking on your door, innovation goes peeing on the floor.

The biggest of all hurdles was unfortunately, myself. The luxury of spending the greater part of my day in the company of creative geniuses and the cursed circumstances it embodies, makes it’s an extremely difficult job to convince yourself of what is best. And if you thought selling ideas for a living made you an expert salesman, try replicating that success with your parents. Save the pain and take the bitter pill!

With all this gyan and masala in the pan, the battle was between a people’s design vs. a fanboy’s dream.

Thanks to my departing friend, AA Russell (he is everything but “AA” sized) I could strike a balance in approach and ended up with this.

Mummy's choice
Mummy’s choice


My Choice
My Choice


The Jacket and Envelope
The Jacket and The Envelope
The Card(s) and Jacket
The Card(s) and The Jacket
The Equation
The Equation
The Equation explained...
The Equation explained…


2 thoughts on “Chronicles of My Wedding Card

  1. I love it, it is unique and I think it turned out gorgeous! The jacket and envelope are really pretty too! I handmade my own invitation and luckily we only had a small wedding (like only 7 people) and it was nice to make those special touches. 🙂


    1. in this part of the world (indian subcontinent), small is like 500 people… imagine what big is then 🙂
      thanks for your lovely comment. it was more of a must-have to design something unique, since i have been associated with the creative advertising field for long 🙂
      thanks again!!!


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