The WHYs

Being off to honeymoon during the most happening days of my life (in Bangladesh) was definitely a great miss. Born to a family of patriots, who actively participated both in ’52 and ’71 it was finally “My time” and there I was playing with বালি (Sand) in বালি (Bali, Indonesia).

The proceedings of Shahbagh and the social media revolution in-progress was something I had long hoped for. I am sure any progressive patriotic citizen would. From college to cubicle, cafe laughter to creative debate; the dream of a “Rising Bangladesh” was omnipresent. Seemed like I’ve been putting on my faded “আমরা Bangladesh” for years only for this day to come.

Days felt like months and facebook “status updates” were the closest thing to my heart. The misfortune of missing the action, was eating me up in every way.

I longed to be back, back in action…

Finally back home, I can’t help but wonder what is on. Wonder WHY?whyWhy what was so meaningful refuses to make any more sense?
Why in a country where protests are dealt with an iron fist this one was let off the hook?
Why such a patriotic call is increasingly sounding political?
Why is an otherwise liberal country faced with an Atheist vs. Islamist debate?
Why does a youth movement look so well-organized?
Why do I feel I am witness to a political mastermind and not a youth revolution?
Why does Shahbagh proceedings remind me of the famous Bangla saying হুজুগে বাঙালী?
Why what is RIGHT doesn’t seem so RIGHT anymore?
Why doesn’t Shahbagh Square give sleepless nights to our Head of State?

Why are these questions creeping in my mind? Why???


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