Where’s our SUPERHERO

I have a 8-year-old nephew who eats, breathes and sleeps Batman,
I have a 30-year-old acquaintance who dresses himself as Random Man,
I am a 29-year-old with t-shirts of Batman, Superman, Hulk and Captain America.

Yes, I am addicted to super humans.

Not so long back I observed something, I thought I would never see again. The rise of the youth, a common cause, the intellects lightening up and unprecedented apolitical participants made Shahbag a part of modern history. In a country that is yet to celebrate its golden jubilee, the People’s Movement was simply spectacular.

I couldn’t be a part of it. Or perhaps never wanted to be in the first place. You see, I was born pragmatic. Whatever seems to good to be true, will always be untrue for me. At the beginning, at least!

Templars of passion turned into politicians, volunteer protestors into veteran policymakers; this movement by one unknown সরকার (Blogger Imran H Sarkar) seemed to be of the সরকার (Bangla for Government).

But as they say in Bangla, এক মাঘে শীত যায়না or in Hindi, Picture abhi baaki hai; there was more to this than meets the eye.

In came Hifazat-e-Islam.

While the Shahbagi youth clad in red and green shouted slogans in rhythmic fashion, the Hifazati boys (yes, only boys) walked relentlessly murmuring zikr wearing all white. We thought Shahbag was the beginning and end of movements in such scale, but the long march of Guardians (হেফাজাতকারী-রা) proved it all wrong.

From mythical times, there has always been a Superhero saving the day at the end. Hercules never got to meet Hitler nor did Achilles meet Akbar; but they all made it to the history books thanks to their extraordinary exemplary actions.

Question remains, who will rise to take action? লীগ, পার্টি or দল?

Wish I could answer, চাইনা এদের মল।


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