#ShahbagSquare vs. #ShaplaChattar

With the war of words and hash tags heating up on twitter, I thought why not write about @প্রজন্মচত্বর and @বাঁশেরকেল্লা.

The recent tug of war between #শাহবাগ জনতা and #হেফাজত হুজুর has brought the country to the brink of a full-fledged civil war. The success of #ArabSpring has made way for religiously-motivated #BanglaSpring, the lack of accountability on Government’s part has made way for scoundrels like #MuradJung and #SohelRana to flourish further.

Where municipality provides mobile public toilets and traffic police lets major intersections to be used for sit-in protests by Varsity students, law enforcers mount on Madrasah students armed with faith and bamboo sticks at the middle of the night.

Yes, burnt in #Shahbag. And yes, there is a possibility #Hefazot men even burnt #TheHolyQuran.

But why the cadres who chanted slogans in #Shahbag, were firing point-blank at #Motijheel moulanas?

#SaveBangladesh might be a publicity stunt. But #mycountryisburning.

#BlackNight is here, #DhakaSiege will continue…

The entire piece is written with #twitterhashtag as prefix. Sorry, but digital is heavily in the mix.


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