Everyday Carry

What's in my bag?
What’s in my bag?

Boredom begets brilliance.

Yes, it does. Just take a look at what the bored me did all morning today and you would have the answer.

So I compiled a list of all the things I lug to work everyday. Yes, every freaking single day.

Its a little difficult for the usually disorganized us to imagine how someone could have a list of things s/he carries on a day-to-day basis. But there are people like us, and if you ever happen to stumble across words like #edc #bugoutbag #gobag or even #doomsdaypreppers; you would know I am only at the kindergarten level of graduating to their league.

Without further adieu let the to the list of things I wanted to showoff (in not so many words). AND the list…

  • Black Greenroom136 Bootstrap Origin (for one-strap convenience and office-friendly looks. Hand-made beauty)
  • Red Nike Cordura Shoulder Bag (used as Go Bag, bought it off a sports store. Love the size)
  • Greenroom136 Random Knick Knack pouch (for cables and thumb drives)
  • Either a Leatherman Skeletool or a Victorinox CyberTool Lite with initials (surprise gift from my Wife)
  • Vapur Element Anti-Bottle (brilliant design, light carry)
  • HP Probook 15″ laptop with charger (Office issued, hate it)
  • Logitech mice (supposed to go on for 3 years in one go)
  • Peak69 Carabiner (cheap & Chinese)
  • Generic pocket flashlight (pocket-sized but has a bright light)
  • Customized Keyring with initials (a gift from Bunty, cute and useful)
  • Hidesign wallet (on loan from my Dad)
  • Cricket Lighter (amazing stuff, go for it smokers)
  • Khero Khata notebook (local stationary brand from Aziz Super Market, proud suer)
  • Handsan Sanitizer (OCD)
  • Pocket tissues (OCD)
  • Mesh zippered bag for stationaries (used to be my gadget bag before the Knick Knacks arrived)
  • Plastic zippered bag for files (for cheque books and documents)

Some of the above are absolute necessities, some are being prepared items. Wherever they fit in your list, they all have come in handy at some point of time for me or people around me.

It would be great to find like-minded people around me with such interests, so please feel free to comment and share.

And for those who already know what is #whatsinmybag, I doubt how long I will be using a messenger. I am a backpack boy.


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