Journey of the Spirit | The Preparation

It comes naturally. To you, me and everyone around us.

Religion is a spiritual journey that is bound to touch our lives at some point of time. For some it happens early thanks to the surroundings, to others it is more of a self-discovery instigated by anything between curiosity to a life-changing event. The later being the most common (what were you expecting?).

Sorry to disappoint you, I somehow haven’t fully realized when my time would come. I feel connected. To the Almighty, to all His sayings an the ones of His Messenger; but that ticking alarm clock inside myself is somehow on a “snooze”. It’s like I accidentally pushed snooze while it was calling out for me to wake up. Wake up and see what I have been missing out on. The gratefulness to Allah I was avoiding to show.

Hey, I am no fundo (aka. fundamentalist). The fact I use a word like fundo should suffice for that.

I always believed I was that Progressive Muslim that really is nothing but a person in a confused state of religious belief. I didn’t realize that overnight. Nor was this acknowledgement an easy thing to admit. But as the wise men say, “better late than never”.

The past year has been one of the most fulfilling and exciting time of my life. I got married. And looking at those millions of gorgeous wedding ceremonies and suave honeymooners one might tend to believe that is it. Whereas it was quite the opposite.

Being married had more things to offer than a lifetime of companions had in stock. It was incomparable, never thought of and perhaps never to be experience that I look forward to repeat for years a to come InshAllah.

I am lucky (Alhamdulillah) to be completing a year of being with the love of my life, the woman I wanted to be with the very moment I saw her. And this is a story of the journey I took to celebrate this memorable year at the most magical of places in the most holier of manners.

My travelogue of our 1st anniversary is also where I wish my spirit would hear it’s calling.

I am going for Umrah to the holiest of all places, to be in His house. A guest, a pilgrim, a believer!

My wife and I after a lot of planning, failing and waiting could finally secure the visas for Umrah on Jan 20th. We owe a great deal to my ever-supportive father and his cousin, who’s travel agency actually got the deal through for us. From MOFA to an all Arabic visa with hyroglaphic written all over it, my passport returned in a desolate state. Visa and Bangladeshi Passport don’t seem to get along so well lately. Perhaps we should look at MasterCard :p

my bashed up passport finally arrives
my bashed up passport finally arrives

The trip planning was on for over a month now. Being the OCDed travel junkie I was, I had surprisingly left all the findings and activities to my beloved. Perhaps the reason she had been there a few times before and was far superior a Muslim and Human in every aspect of life was a game-changer.

She didn’t let me down. She panicked, chilled, complained yet at the end, I believe came up with a solid travel itinary. From Tawaf briefs to Ihram trials, she made sure it was all covered. I mean she even got the adrenaline addict out of me by offering the opportunity to climb the holy Cave Hira or Jabal al-Nour. What happened to that will be unveiled in a few days though *wink*. High on excitement for that (that’s again the progressive Muslim in me talking).

So the flight is tonight. At 1130 pm to e exact. The fact which might put a lot of you off is again making me excited now, we are flying Biman. The carrier from my childhood days. The birdy from my country, a sexy new B777!


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