Journey of the Spirit | The First View

They say first impression is always the last impression. And apparently that first impression is made within the first (and lucky) seven seconds. And its not like we put it in practise for job interviews or business presentations, think of love at first sight!

After we huddled and cuddled through a million pilgrims to find a place to offer our Jumu’ah prayers, we were met with a sight only a few get to experience.

Standing near Misfalah looking towards The Kabbah
Standing near Misfalah looking towards The Ka’aba

I heard a Muslim scholar say that it is only one out of every 100,000 Muslims that get a chance to perform Umrah or Hajj. Looking at the picture above, it surely gave me the pride of being amongst the select few.

As we offered our prayers sitting smack in the middle of usually busy road, the absence of a prayer mat (thanks to my stupid rush earlier) or the fact that my wife and I prayed side by side were overtaken by the sheer excitement and amazement of being at the foothills of The House of Allah .

Right after Jumu’ah prayers

My dearest wife offered me the option to complete the Umrah rituals at night since it was Friday and just about the whole Saudi Muslim population were there at the gates of Ka’aba. But I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get on with it right there, right now!!!


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