Journey of the Spirit | The Bottomline


The earlier posts were intended to build a hype or just share the rush of blood I was experiencing preparing for such a trip. It was absolutely unexpected from me (judging by my past of even previous posts in this blog) to make a trip of such spiritual fulfillment!

Things NOT TO DO

  1. Rent a hotel/hostel/apartment beyond 500 meters off  the Masjid al-Haram .You are there to offer as many waqts of salat as possible at the Masjid al-Haram. Practically its borderline impossible to pray 5 times a day at the mosque, do tawaf as you wish and still be able answer the calls of nature and hunger frequently.
  2. Try to kiss/touch (or worse give a flying kiss) the Hajre-Aswad. This is something you learn by at least burning your tongue once. We all want to touch the famed black stone from the heavens in an effort to purify our sinful selves. Although it is encouraged to kiss the stone if you get a chance, dying while trying isn’t so. With the number of pilgrims doing tawaf any given time of the day, I believe this privilege calls for Herculean efforts.
  3. Save up on zamzam as opposed to consume it. We all have families asking for exclusive prayers and a gulp of zamzam to every possible hajis, but if all are busy saving gallons after gallons to consume it later; what’s the point of being there at the first place. For all you know, most countries sell zamzam water through various legal and illegal channels. But one mustn’t forget, a gulp of zamzam after a tiresome tawaf or umrah is a feeling unlike any other. Coming from a person who is fiercely loyal to his choice of drinks, this is a fact!
  4. Behave. Lets face it, we are there at The House of Allah to worship. There is no first or second prize tied to it, nor is there any physical measure of closeness to The Almighty. Its in our hearts and it is between you and Allah. Keep it to that and let others be. Pushing, shoving or

Things TO DO

  1. Spend as much time at the Masjid al-Haram as possible. No brainer, you are there for that reason alone.
  2. Take the VIP bus to Medinah. Just to be safe and sure, the VIP buses are operated by SAPTCO are best for travelling between the two holy cities. Unless you are too smart to take a plane ride, this is THE OPTION to take.

This is just one man’s opinion for now. But Umrah is a destination for all, so would request my readers to add more to the lists 🙂


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