The PYRAMID Theory: The Golden Rule of Switching Careers

We are all more or less familiar with the term jump ship.
Even if we weren’t, just about each and every one of us has (at some point of his/her career) been involved in it.

A few years ago in a discussion with a few of my colleagues back at Ogilvy, I had presented this theory on “the quickest way to climb the career ladder”. Authentic or not, just about everyone from that day’s discussion have somewhat put it to good use.

The Pymarid TheoryThe idea was quite simple actually. We’ve all read about the great Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs“, we are all aware of how the climb to the top is always saved for a lucky few. What we don’t express is how we all can in some way or the other make it to the top of the game at the end. Considering how the career pyramid has just about the same layers across industries and corporations alike, you’ll notice its only the sub-layering that can be rather broad, leaving the barebone to be mostly same.

So this is how it works,

  • A Midlevel Manager looking after Google Search can switch to a Leadership position at Bing.
  • A Junior Manager looking after Google Search can switch to a Midlevel position at Bing or Lead at a startup like DuckDuckGo.
  • Don’t even contemplate being a Fresher at Google and found a service like Leap2.

From a local perspective it could be,

  • A Midlevel Manager at Unilever can switch to a Leadership position at Marico.
  • A Junior Manager looking after Unilever can switch to a Midlevel position at Marico or Lead at a local house like Akij.
  • Don’t even contemplate being a Fresher at Unilever and found a company of your own like Sumon’s Aroma.

I obviously had envisioned it in terms of advertising agencies in Bangladesh, and my colleague left to join another agency after some time. However I myself didn’t follow my own model and decided on switching industries for my next career move.

Was it right? Was it a mistake? That only time will tell.

Career switching consists of only scope and opportunity cost. Question is…how much?


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