The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich with Google+

William L. Shirer’s chronicles of Nazi Germany is a best-seller in it own merits. I haven’t read it. And from the likes of it, never will.


Just like the above definition, today’s story also revolves around three nations. Nations not representing any physical form, but the virtual world of eNations. Lets face it, every time we read about how Facebook could be the 3rd largest nation in the world; we sit back and wonder; what privileges do we enjoy as citizens of Facebook-land?

Well today’s discussion is not about how great Facebook is or what would world be like if we used Facebook identities as passport replacements (although that would be pretty awesome). Rather this discussion is about how 3 distinct e-players shaped the world of social media forever.

If you haven’t figured out who these 3 players are, that’s too bad. I didn’t expect you to be reading this. Period! Kudos to you for sticking to it regardless.

The mother of it all was Myspace. Myspace introduced us to the power of social networking, reigning supreme as the most visited site on web between 2005 to 2008 and then made way for its eventual killers (first Google and thereon Facebook). And in spite of multiple site redesigns and celebrity ownerships; myspace went on a steady decline never to recover again.

The second was the killer of the first, the infamous Facebook. Facebook was smart in every way possible. It was created in an Ivy League for Ivy Leaguers by an Ivy League dropout (The Social Man). He was a shrewd man who looked deceivingly geeky; the perfect recipe to success in a league of (supposed) ultra-smart Ivy Leaguers.

But just as the Third Reich, one would naturally expect the most from the 3rd entrant, Google+. They had the time to learn and no-nonsense backing of a demigod (yes, Google) in their favor. Add to that a not-so-smart enforcement of all Gmail and YouTube users to sign up for it.

But what the Googlers (Eric, Larry and Brin) failed to realize was how Hitler himself had to settle for taking his own life at the end. And unfortunately for Mr. Vic Gundotra, history repeated itself. Google+ is history and so shall be his forceful legacy.

Perhaps the next blog will be called The Fourth Kind, but we’ll have to wait out a while to see that happen. Twitter faces an acquisition threat every few months and WeChat is too Chinese to be messed around with for now. And now with Instagram and Whatsapp by his side, Zucky Zohan will make the internet population silky-smooth!


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