Mastering the Digital with Michael Leander: Part 1

So I am attending this Certified Digital Masterclass with the famous (or said to be so) Mr. Micheal Leander. Its a 2-day workshop organized by (the not so good) Bangladesh Brand Forum is supposed to make me a master of,

  1. Knowing how to create a killer website
  2. Understand basics of SEO marketing
  3. Engaging the audience with content marketing
  4. Planning effective campaigns for just about everything

Well first thing first, the Day 1 was seldom interesting and more often yawning. However the day did have its peaks with 8-Second Rule of First Impressions (original article to be found here) as well as mapping my morning actions in exact sequence on a piece of paper. The later was of particular interest as it unleashed the schizophrenic OCD side of me. The list on paper looked something like this,

Initial scribble

Back home in the luxury of my room. I went back to the list to make it into a proper mind map (yes, I can get really stupidly obsessive at times). Using this new tool text2mindmap was a welcome change over my usual choice of coggle, and I fancied the map to be more methodical.

So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you MY MORNING!!!!

My morning map

Shalom 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mastering the Digital with Michael Leander: Part 1

  1. Being criticised is part and parcel of being in the public eye. I must say, though, that your experience of “seldom interesting and more often yawning” – that’s a first for me. It would have been great if you had told me during lunch. Then, I am sure, arrangements could have been made to cancel your second day participation. It is, as I am sure you understand, quite difficult to please every one. Especially if the audience comes with (very) different skill-sets and backgrounds. That’s not an excuse, but merely an explanation. PS: Thank you for sharing your morning-flow.

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    1. Great to see your response, Micheal. That was totally unexpected!

      Thank god I didn’t do as suggested, cause Day 2 was quite an engaging one through and through. From the “use cases” to the “content relevancy”, I think the 2nd day was as enjoyable as I could have possibly hoped for.

      Also I absolutely admired your free and frank approach to things as they are (although at times the audience was perhaps not at par with the humor) and grateful for your time to go through my blog and leave a comment. Hoping you have read my Day 2 post as well!!!

      Looking forward to meet you soon.

      Thanks once again.


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