Mastering the Digital with Michael Leander: Part 2

Day 2 was much more engaging and useful. Many thanks to Mr. Leander for that. Although I felt he was having a real hard time managing time through the 2-day workshop, his honesty and transparency about it was admirable.

On to other things, the greatest learning in this workshop was CBM as a concept. Without a doubt, we, the digitally nerd generation speak of CPICPC, CTR and CPM as often as LOL and YOLO. But it was the discovery of the acronym CBM is what really got my attention this time.

Thanks to my years in advertising (with one of the best agencies in the world) and subsequent career in telecom marketing, I am not alien to the concept of #sexsells. However the crude representation of this universal idea (even as a #hashtag) was at time uneasy (if not uncomfortable) to point out in lengthy brainstorming sessions involving respected members of the opposite gender.

Cleavage Based Marketing or CBM (not to be confused with Content Marketing although Content = Cleavage is true) however is a more acceptable and scientific way of saying what the Father of Modern Advertising has been saying for almost half a century now. #exposetoexcite

Thanks to oodles of eye-tracking studies and an unconscious evolutionary drive prompting us to activate powerful bonding circuits that help create a loving, nurturing bond (more commonly referred to as libido), we now know that the greatest marketing tool available to mankind is #thecleavage.

And in case my reader is a lady who thinks women don’t practice #objectifyinggaze; according to similar eye-tracking studies, you are just as guilty as the man standing next to you!!!


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