Carry Geeking: Goruck meets Maxpedition

Having lugged around my Goruck GR0 for almost a year now, I was looking at different Goruck-branded accessories to expand the capabilities of the venerable “One Ruck to Rule Them All“. In 2015, my Goruck GR0 was renamed as GR1 21L for reasons most likely to be economies of scale in terms of “brand awareness”. I have long wondered why two similar featured rucks “The Original” GR1 and the smaller GR0 need to co-exist as their key differentiator was human-size (over or under 6ft tall). IMG_20150916_144523fullyloaded-goruck-gr0-with-a-oneofakind-bangladeshflag-flagpatch--thanks-to-peak69-for-this-wonderful-patch-mycountrymypride_21726814049_o fullystuffed-goruck-gr0-edc-pimpinblack-carrygeeking_21923396491_o

Longer than my love for tactical backpacks, I’ve been a sucker for waist bags. Yes, it is what many of you might associate with a bum bag or a fanny pack. Having seen my ex Army dad believing in modularity and practicality over fashion and looking good, I also grew a strong fascination for one from an early age. So thanks to Aliexpress, I got the opportunity to get my hands on a Maxpedition Octa Versipack look-alike (most probably made by the same Chinese factory but marketed under Free Soldier brand).


While I had gone on to buy two more waist bags for other needs, I had actually put this one up for sale on a classifieds site. Thanks to not getting any good offers, I started thinking about to get rid of it.

And as I prepared to put it in a pack for a giveaway, I had one of those “eureka moments”. Why not combine the both and expand the usage capabilities of the Goruck.

I didn’t or couldn’t wait for MOLLE attachment clips to arrive nor was I going to spend extra on it. A few feet of paracord and fewer minutes of careful binding later, I had this in hand…IMG_20160131_01102620160131_005811Amazed by my new creation, I think this makes for a perfect Grab ‘n Go bag combination using a Goruck.

So here goes my shoutout to all Goruck fanboys out there, what do you think?


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