Marking Bangladesh: A Road Trip

Ever since the news of Dhaka-Shillong-Guwahati bus service hit the headlines, a long lost dream was peeking out of the bucket list of this wanderlust soul. How enriching would it be to actually to a tour of Bangladesh using nothing but Indian soil.

Thanks to dear Google Maps and my earlier trips to Northeast India (Shillong and Darjeeling in 2007) it was rather easy to come up with a tentative travel route.

Starting from Dhaka, I wanted to to cover the three sides of Bangladesh that are bordering India and touch all the major cities in between. The cities that popped up in my initial list are as following,

  1. Agatala (Site of the infamous Agartala Conspiracy aka. Birth of Bangladesh)
  2. Silchar (a predominantly Sylheti Bangla speaking city. Go figure!)
  3. Shillong (Scotland of the East also happens to be the Rock Capital of India)
  4. Guwahati (City of Temples esp. the one of Sex Goddess)
  5. Siliguri (A stopover unless we add a journey on Toy Train or visit Pseudo Tibet)
  6. Kolkata (Need I say more?)

The trip should be possible to pack is a 2 week holiday and ends with a direct bus from Kolkata to Dhaka. I would think the experience would be best if it is a pure road trip (with as little interference of private transportation as possible, depending on the group size). And there are established bus services for all the intercity travelling I just mentioned in the list.

So before your friend from India can actually make a Kolkata-Dhaka-Tripura trip, and complete the aforementioned road trip a reality (and for surely they will); I am inviting fellow adventure-minded folks (notice I avoided adventurers) to join in to make this trip a reality!!!

Cheers to some #souldsearching and #contemptment while enjoying one mother of a #roadtrip

PS. I am open to suggestions on the Cities/Places to visit.